Ants Elimination

Definitely, you will never want to live with ants at home. Ant can cause a lot of nuisance whether they are inside or outside your house. In this case, you should take action immediately you notice the presence of ants at your home. You can ready more about how to kill ants with borax on the web. For this article, how will you effectively get rid of ants naturally? Here are five ways to eliminate ants at home.

Various ways to deal with ants at home

Cayenne pepper

Ants hate cayenne pepper as well as black pepper.ghfghfghfghfgh How do you use cayenne pepper to get rid of ants? Locate the source of ant’s invasion and sprinkle pepper on the area. If possible, create a wall to prevent the ant ants from accessible your house. Alternatively, you can mix pepper with water and spray the solution at the ants. Although the pepper does not kill the ants, it will discourage them from returning to your household.

Food-grade Diatomaceous Earth

This offers an efficient method for controlling ants at your home. Diatomaceous Earth is a powder that does not cause any harm to pets and humans. The earth powder will then stick and dehydrate it. Also, the diatomaceous earth dissolves the exoskeleton of the ants eventually causing death. You can purchase diatomaceous earth online. In fact, this is the most reliable way to eliminate all sorts of ants’ infestation at your home.

Lemon water

This is another home remedy to drive ants away from your home. Mix the lemon juice with water and the spray the resulting solution to the affected area. You can spray the ants at least once a day to eliminate them.

Dish soap

Most dish soaps and detergents are harmful to the ants. They contain chemicals that dissolve the protective layers of the ants’ exoskeleton. This can eventually lead to dehydration of the ants and death. Mix some soap with water and spray the solution at the point where the ants enter your home.


fdgfdgfdgdgdfgThe vinegar can be effectively used to block the ant’s path. Prepare a mixture of the vinegar and water and spray the solution on the ants’ path. The ants will be driven away by the strong scent of the vinegar solution. For effective control of ants at your home, you should spray the mixture on the ants at least once daily.


Ants are found anywhere and can easily enter our homes. Usually, they cause a lot of nuisance and should be quickly eliminated. There are many ways to eliminate ants at home. However, the above methods are efficient and cheaper.