Affordable Fashion Poncho

Maintaining elegance throughout the seasons is tricky. Some clothes will just never be won in some seasons. Some seasons like summer and winter seem to have their unique dressing codes. Going from one season to another, therefore, necessitates for a makeover. While going from the cool weather to hot climates might be easy, the vise verse is a little bit challenging. The cold weather sometimes advocates for a complete makeover.

General information

Must have in winter and fall

woman with sun glassesChanging outwear will entail that you consider some clothes. For a woman, some clothes and accessories should never miss in your wardrobe. For fall and winter, we have jackets, shawls capes and most importantly the ponchos. They are ideal for the cold weather and have been in fashion for a very long time now.

Why ponchos

Ponchos are the easiest garments to include in any dressing. They will help you maintain glamor and style without fearing for a wardrobe malfunction. They are unique and have a sense of style that most people want to keep in the cold season. They keep both the cold and wind at bay leaving you feeling comfortable and glamorous.

How to wear ponchos

Ponchos come in different styles and materials. There are long ponchos that cover up to the legs and short ponchos that don’t go beyond the waist. Some types of ponchos are blanket like made from the thick material while others are light. It only depends on with what you will pick. We also have sophisticated ponchos and simple ponchos. Ponchos can be worn with skirts dresses and trousers depending on the occasion. In street style, a poncho can be paired with jeans and boots. Incorporate style, the poncho, will be worn with a skirt and a dress. We also have ponchos for boho style and other ethnic styles.

Affordable ponchos

pink hairThe price of ponchos ranges according to quality and design. , most of them are affordable with a price ranging from a 100 dollars to 2000 dollars. This means that almost everyone can afford to get a poncho. If you go for a sophisticated one, then you will pay less as compared to a more sophisticated one. Numerous online stores have a variety of affordable ponchos hence you never miss to know where to get them.

Stepping out in style is a woman’s dream. Women always want to keep up with trend and fashion and to be the envy of many. To be the ideal trendy woman you have to figure out ways to remain glamorous in whatever season. Since each season comes with its must haves, the poncho is the one for winter and fall.

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The Best TV And Movies Costumes

There are a lot of things about the 80’s that we can never forget. One of them is the outfits that people used to wear during that time. The 80’s was a loud and proud decade since it is during this period that technology and modernity explored to bring about lasting changes in all sectors of human life.

One of the aspects of human life that were greatly transformed in the 80’s was fashion. 80’s was the year of drop tops, the brightly colored spandex, and the side ponytails. These outfits are the reason most Halloween parties usually use 80’s-themed costumes. Therefore, when you decide to go back in time to find your Halloween costumes, here are the best TV and movies 80s costumes you should consider.

Rock n Roll Outfit

Rock n Roll OutfitThe 80’s was a decade that was known for Rock n Roll. To bring out this theme in your party, you will need an outfit that is bright and lively. You can try a black and pink dress. You can also have your hair colored if you like. However, if you are not for dyes on your hair, then a funky headband can still ensure that you stay in character. When it comes to shoes, if you are a lady, anything that is high heels would be good. You can also try an off-shoulder shirt with a mini skirt or jeans.

Classic 1980’s Attire

Another outfit that was so popular in the 80’s was the jumpsuit. To achieve a look that is perfect and brings out the 80’s theme, rocking a jumpsuit is a must. This is a good choice for you especially if you are the minimalist type. On top of that, you can add some hoop earrings to get some points.

Mixing and Matching

For your information, 80’s was considered to be the most colorful era in the world of fashion. You can add some funk to your attire by mixing and matching all your favorite colors. You can, therefore, buy outfits that have your favorite colors to help in bringing out the 80’s theme.

Sassy and Chic

woman with hand bag The 80’s was all about attitude. You can bring out the spirit of the 80’s for your party by going for a sassy and chic outfit. You can don that permed hair with a funky headband to turn back time to the 80’s.

diamond jewelry

Purchasing Diamond Jewelry

The diamond jewelry will make the biggest form of jewelry. They are normally purchased when someone is thinking of engagement because they have this brilliant shine and they bring out style. Despite them being so common in our society purchasing the right one then this is not an easy thing they are so many things that you have to consider when you are purchasing the diamond jewelry. When purchasing the right piece then you will have to consider the budget that you have and the style. To make the experience of purchasing the diamond jewelry not be so overwhelming then you can following the guidelines below that’s will make the purchase even more fun.

Know the type

 diamond ring

So many people think when someone talks about the diamond jewelry they all come in the same type, but this is not the case. They diamond jewelry will be in different form and before going ahead and buying then the first things that you should consider is what you need. They are jewelry that will be appropriate for an occasion while some will it be that why you should select something that will fit what you want. Because when you are buying the jewelry for a gift, it will not be the same type of when you are buying for engagement.

The size

Once you have figured it the diamond jewelry type, then the size will be the next thing that you will consider. There is no diamond jewelry that you will not have to consider the size of the engagement ring you have to consider the size that your partner will like. Also, when you are considering the size the budget will determine the bigger the jewelry gets, the more expensive it becomes. Some when making this decision make sure that you are considering the budget that you have planned out.

Go your research


When going to the store for the purchase of the diamond jewelry then you don’t want to have an unrealistic expectation that will make you disappointed. Do research on what is available in the market and what you will get in the market if you go to the store and the amount of money that you should have. Make sure that you understand the four Cs because they will influence a lot the decision that you will make in the long term. Purchasing the diamond jewelry should be fun if only you stick to the guideline above then you will not have any issue. It is also important that you only buy from the credible diamond buyers.


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The Maxi Dress

If you’re searching for a stylish evening dress or a chic and elegant day dress, the elegant chiffon maxi dress is the perfect choice for you. Oozing glamor, the maxi is where it’s at. A flattering choice for many bodies shapes the maxi dress is the perfect option for that special occasion. A lightweight material with a floating skirt is great if you’d prefer to keep your pins under wraps! If you prefer something a little more risqué why not opt for a sexy thigh high split to show off that sun-kissed bod!

There is a range of key styles to look out for which will feature this summer. Keep on top of the latest trends for this season by checking out online fashion blogs with style advice straight from the top catwalk shows.

Here are some of the top prints and styles you may wish to opt for when choosing that summer wardrobe must have; the maxi.

Floral print

Floral print dressDecorative faux flowers are always a summer winner! This season; think big! Shy and retiring; not this flower! Designers are going for bold large faux flower prints to really catch attention. They are popping up in a whole range of colors as well as in a monotone palette. These are a great statement on a summer day dress in color, whilst a metallic or embellished flower could be fabulous for an evening maxi.


The fashion stores are brimming with a range of exciting black and white prints this summer. Bold geometric patterns are sure to draw attention, especially when spruced up with vibrant colored accessories. Maybe the classic black maxi is more your style, don’t be shy, embellishment is in, add some glitz to set off the look for that special night out.


There are some stunning and elegant designs for those of you that prefer a minimal look. If chic simplicity is your thing, opt for a cool white dress with a single statement detail that draws the piece together. Other shades to look out for which really ooze an air of chic grace, are light beige and black.

Oriental style

woman with red dressIf you are a fan of luxurious materials and rich colors, you will love this look. Inspired heavily by oriental fashion, there is a range of maxi dresses with incredible pattern and detail and plush floating materials hitting the markets this summer. Look out for oversized sleeves and tight waistbands. These are just a few of the key trends to look out for.