These Are The Four Best Tools For Language Learning

Learning a new language is tedious, and that is why there is a good market for language learning platforms. Some of the language learning tools already available in the market are very useful to language learners from all over the world.  They help them quickly learn and master new languages. In this article, we are going to cover four of the best tools for language learning, based on customer reviews. According to Lifehacker, where users were asked to help identify the language learning platform that is most efficient, effective and worth the fee they charge, the responses of the top four tools were as below, in no particular order:ef23fwe43weg3443gg

1. Memrise

It is a language learning platform that offers more than language and vocabulary to things such as science and history.  This flashcard-style program awards you points and reputation as you learn a language. It is a free, web-bases and has both Android and iOS apps which can enable you to learn the language on the go. Most users applauded this tool because it is free, fun and has numerous courses that help you learn a new language faster.

2. Anki

It is a flashcard program that focuses on memorization. It is a great tool for learning languages as it displays a word, phrase, image, and play sound and then leave it for you to repeat the word, interpret it and memorize it. Just like Memrise, Anki is also free and is available for OS X, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS.

3. Livemocha

43wij43ogpkrgerg43e4Livemocha is an amazing language learning platform that is packed with native speakers and offer instruction in over 38 languages. Launched in 2007, as a free platform, the platform has attracted a lot of language learners who find it one of the best places where you can language in live classes and have conversations with native speakers. Besides the live classes, Livemocha is also equipped with tutorials videos to help you learn your language of interest. The platform has both free and paid membership, where paying members incur a fee of $99 per year or $9.95 per month to get access to all the available resources.

4. Pimsleur Method

This is an audio-based method that focuses on participation in speaking and sound practice. It has a reading and vocabulary exercises. Pimsleur is available in over 50 languages and has been used by most organizations to train their staff in new languages. Pimsleur is only available on paid membership.

These four best tools for language learning can help you learn a language of interest quickly and more efficiently.