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Buying an American Flag

American flags are hoisted at various national and International events to express patriotism and respect for the country. A flag is much more than just fabric; it is an emblem that represents the real identity of the nation, its history, culture, traditions and the dreams of future. The American flag stands as a symbol of the country’s principles and deep-rooted history.


The fabric is an important factor that needs to be considered when purchasing premium us flags, and you should first determine whether you want these flags for indoor or outdoor use. Although you can easily use the outdoor flags for indoor events, the ones that are especially for indoors are made of very delicate materials that are not suitable for outdoor use. Furthermore, the indoor flags may have further decorations that are perfect for use at homes. The common types of fabric used for making these flags are nylon, cotton, and polyester.

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According to the American Government, cotton is the most suitable fabric as it is economical and good for both indoor and outdoor use. They have also laid down specifications for the type of cotton fabric to be used for flags. If you are looking for highly durable and long lasting flags for outdoor use, we would recommend that choose the ones made of polyester.

Structure Of Flag

A structure of the flag is the next important thing that needs to be considered, as the framework plays an important role in ensuring that the flag lasts really long. The printed American flags are just like images that are straight printed on fabric, while the woven flags are colored fabric sewn together to create the flag, thus the woven ones last longer.

Size Of Flag

small flagThe size of the flag should be determined based on its specific use. The big flags are normally used for the government or commercial purposes while the flags used indoors usually measure 3 inches by 5 inches. When attached to a pole, the flag should be in the ratio of one-third to one-quarter of the pole’s height.

As people are becoming more conscious about the environment, they prefer the eco-friendly American flags for both indoor and outdoor use. If you look online, you will find several eco-friendly American flags for sale. Although it is the tradition to hoist the flags from sunrise to sunset, they may also be displayed at night on some special occasions to create a patriotic effect. Also, you should make sure that they are hoisted efficiently and lowered ceremoniously with full respect.