5 Reasons You Should Buy Your Cat A Toy

Cats are one of the most treasured pets in our society. Our responsibility as pet owners does not end by getting a cat, rather it just starts. Buying a toy for your cat fromĀ one of the most crucial decisions to make. Here is a look at five reasons you should buy your cat a toy.

Why pet toys?

Respecting Naturecat

Cats are natural predators. Nature had gifted them skills to hunt for survival. The fact that a cat has been adopted as a pet does not change its natural instincts which are sharply honed to chase, stalk and pounce upon their prey. If they are not given appropriate toys to indulge in their active predator skills, there are bound to be repercussions. This is the most important among the top Reason to buy your cat a toy.

Eliminating Boredom

Cats are naturally curious creatures that always need some challenge. Boredom makes them lethargic and shows as a multitude of unexpected problems in their behavior or health. Watching them chase a bird or even only looking out the window at the hustle-bustle of daily life proves how much they loathe boredom and need toys for a healthy output of their curious instincts.

Health Reasons

Cats need plenty of physical and mental exercise on a daily basis being agile, curious and naturally hyper creatures. Toys fulfill this need in the most meaningful way. Even a simple cardboard box keeps them occupied for hours thanks to their fertile imaginations. In the absence of exercise, they become anxious and are prone to health problems such as weight gain or even diabetes due to excessive sedentary lifestyle.

Bonding Purposes

cat gameCats love to chase and would not hesitate to use their claws to hurt others while playing. They could also exhibit behavioral problems such as inappropriate anger or health problems if their need for mental and physical stimulation is not properly met. If you help your cat achieve its instinctual drive, you will be happy to live in the company of a happy cat who will bond with you effortlessly. One of the most important among reasons for your cat a toy is simply to make it feel safe and secure so that they look at you like a supportive friend and not as a dangerous opponent.

Behavior Modification

Cats love to rest for long hours, but after that they are ever ready to indulge in their natural instincts of hunting. Their need to seek and hide, climb trees and stalk their prey teaches them life skills, builds confidence and relieves stress. With the help of toys, you can not only help in their development, but you will also be able to modify their behavior positively and get a great pet in return.