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Choosing the Right O-Ring

The O-ring is one of the most versatile sealing devices. These simple objects are used in different industries. Their popularity is often linked to the fact that they can be used in both dynamic and static industries. With a huge variety of ring designs or materials, it is imperative to understand some factors before buying an O-ring. Here are some few tips that will see you choose the correct O-ring based on the application at hand.

Understand the Nature Application

O-rings can be used in many ways. Different working environments subject the O-ring to various elements. So the first step towards choosing the right O-ring lies in understanding the nature of the application. You need to look at things like temperature, working pressures, and any other factor that might interfere with the working of the O-ring. It is equally important to consider the chemical composition of the working fluids.

Look at the Material Make-Up

There is a diverse range of materials used in fabricating O-rings. Most O-rings are made from rubber and some elastic polymers. Depending on the working environment, you might have to pick an O-ring made from other materials like silicone and fluorosilicone. The decision to choose an O-ring based on its material make lies on understanding the working needs or parameters.


Some working environments are known to be too hot. As such, it is imperative to ensure that the material make-up of the O-ring can withstand extreme working conditions. Depending on the material you choose, 0-rings can withstand temperatures ranging from -60 to +350 degrees based on their material composition. See to it that the O-ring’s physical makeup can withstand your working conditions.

The material make-up of any O-ring determines the squeeze ratio, and consequently the tightness for the hardware. Thus, when looking at the O-ring’s material, go for a unit that has all it takes to contain working pressures and temperatures.

O-rings are designed for specific and often demanding applications. With a huge variety of rubber o-ring suppliers, it is imperative to do some due diligence as far as getting the right class of O-rings is concerned. The best way to go about shopping for an O-ring is to determine the application, material, and the fitting. Some manufacturers go out of their way to provide custom solutions for clients with special needs as far as O-rings are concerned.