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The Best TV And Movies Costumes

There are a lot of things about the 80’s that we can never forget. One of them is the outfits that people used to wear during that time. The 80’s was a loud and proud decade since it is during this period that technology and modernity explored to bring about lasting changes in all sectors of human life.

One of the aspects of human life that were greatly transformed in the 80’s was fashion. 80’s was the year of drop tops, the brightly colored spandex, and the side ponytails. These outfits are the reason most Halloween parties usually use 80’s-themed costumes. Therefore, when you decide to go back in time to find your Halloween costumes, here are the best TV and movies 80s costumes you should consider.

Rock n Roll Outfit

Rock n Roll OutfitThe 80’s was a decade that was known for Rock n Roll. To bring out this theme in your party, you will need an outfit that is bright and lively. You can try a black and pink dress. You can also have your hair colored if you like. However, if you are not for dyes on your hair, then a funky headband can still ensure that you stay in character. When it comes to shoes, if you are a lady, anything that is high heels would be good. You can also try an off-shoulder shirt with a mini skirt or jeans.

Classic 1980’s Attire

Another outfit that was so popular in the 80’s was the jumpsuit. To achieve a look that is perfect and brings out the 80’s theme, rocking a jumpsuit is a must. This is a good choice for you especially if you are the minimalist type. On top of that, you can add some hoop earrings to get some points.

Mixing and Matching

For your information, 80’s was considered to be the most colorful era in the world of fashion. You can add some funk to your attire by mixing and matching all your favorite colors. You can, therefore, buy outfits that have your favorite colors to help in bringing out the 80’s theme.

Sassy and Chic

woman with hand bag The 80’s was all about attitude. You can bring out the spirit of the 80’s for your party by going for a sassy and chic outfit. You can don that permed hair with a funky headband to turn back time to the 80’s.